The creation of Interactive Visual Aids (IVA’s) is very time consuming and specific to each product costing thousands of dollars per page. The cost of IVA’s can run into millions of dollars across some enterprises. These IVA’s must go through the same MLR, Digital Asset access and creation process, same integration challenges, and numerous manual processes to move the IVA’s from creation into the CRM for distribution.

In too many cases, access to the approved assets is a significant challenge resulting in the creation of new assets, adding additional costs and time. What does this mean? higher costs, poor user experience, higher compliance and regulatory risk, increased asset fragmentation, lengthy time to market, and lower quality of the IVAs. We have a solution for this problem.


  • Poor user experience (very manual and prone for errors)
  • Extremely high cost for IVA creation
  • Lack of Integration across the ecosystem
  • Limited to no visibility across the digital asset ecosystem
  • Risk of using expired assets
  • Increased growth of new assets due to lack of asset visibility
  • Limited digital asset reuse
  • Higher Compliance and regulatory risk
  • Extended time to market for new IVA’s


  • Reduce costs while dramatically improving your authoring experience
  • Use a common Authoring platform to create your IVA’s, websites, print, and other materials
  • Reduce time to market for your IVA’s through an integrated ecosystem
  • Reduce agency time to create and distribute your IVA’s including formatting and bundling for CRM