XPSuite drives your Digital Asset Transformation


Xpediant Digital’s XpConnectTM platform is the leading bi-directional integration system between Veeva Vault PromoMats and Adobe Experience Cloud (or AEM). This product offers a proven integration across critical systems in the ecosystem. Allowing approved digital assets and metadata to be accessed from multiple systems, access to Medical, Legal and Regulatory process, Automation of core processes and improved user experience. What does this do, it Maximize’s Your Investment in Veeva and Adobe.


Xpediant Digital’s XpGenerator is an innovative product that will PDF your entire Adobe AEM website with customized cover sheets and notes for MLR submission, automating a time consuming and expense process. This platform saves significant time and costs to manually creating PDF’s in preparation for MLR reviews. For a process that has taken weeks, now can take minutes in an automated process resulting in less errors and rework, but most importantly, Reduce Your Compliance Risk.


Create your web sites, Interactive Visual/Sales Aids (IVA/ISA), Print, Templated emails all using Adobe AEM as the common authoring system. The benefits in time, cost and quality are tremendous versus adding addition tools, formats, processes and another island of digital assets. XpIVA is the smart solution to enable quality, save time and cost by creating a seamless integration to the MLR process, and automatically integrating your IVA’s to the CRM system for distribution.