dramatic reductions in abandonment rate


  • Our Client is one of the largest community college systems in the US. Opened in 1971, this college has trained over 2 million students in various associate and technical degree programs since its inception. With multiple campuses, this client has been providing education to thousands of students who need an alternative solutions to attending a major University.
  • The website didn’t drive the growth the client was expecting. The site was almost 10 years old with issues that included; dated content, information search issues, modern navigation, poor branding and broken links.
  • Overall, the current solution and architecture could not take the school to the next level to meet the needs of the students or the school


  • Xpediant’s approach was to establish the following guidelines:
  • Xpediant’s approach was to establish the following guidelines: Simplifying the process for creation, management and delivery of information; Making information accessible to the end user from his/her perspective, rather than only the administration needs. User personas had to be well defined for all constituencies; Enhance the student experience; Streamline the enrollment process; Provide content that would promote student success.
  • Xpediant recommended a CMS system that provided the ability to: Support a worldwide brand through web-standard style management Dramatically increase the number of business owners managing their own content through decentralized content management Support a framework to which content can be added over time while maintaining a student-centric navigation and content experience Support enhanced business processes and changes to those processes in a dynamic web environment
  • The Content Implementation included: Conducting over 20 sessions on taxonomy and content design with various content visionaries throughout system; Conducted over 30 content training sessions and open labs to teach content owners how to classify their content; Trained over 200 people on content entry in the CMS system.
  • The technical Implementation included: Developed a new modern look and navigation; Created all new pages (templates) based on the new branding standard; Built a custom Search with Advanced features; Built a custom Calendar Application with multiple views and filters based on content classification; Built a custom implementation of Google Maps for location services.


  • Reduction in abandon rate for application and registration processing by 50%
  • An increase in online admissions and registrations of 30% in the first year after implementation
  • An increase of about 30% in financial aid applications
  • Smaller admission and registration lines on campus
  • Increases in student enrollment