Take a look at our news, speaking engagements, blogs, and videos to learn why XPEDIANT is consistently rated a top company and employer. XpConnect®, is the world’s only, bi-directional connector between Veeva Vault and Adobe Experience Cloud.  Our XpGenerator® tool is in use globally by some of the largest pharmaceutical, medical device and financial services companies, saving on average, hundreds of thousands of dollars per installation.  If you want to see the power of connected solutions, ask us about a demonstration today.


XpConnect® presentation

This is a presentation from a joint webinar with Veeva. The topic was “Veeva Vault PromoMats: Intouch B2D and Xpediant Modular Content Showcase and Demo”.


Single Source of DAM Truth … Really!

This paper is the first in a series that will assess the state of Digital Asset Management. It truly is a Digital Asset Supply Chain (DASC) and like any other supply chain, until you have the data and metrics, it is impossible to optimize both quality and cost. The cost for these digital assets today is highly fragmented and very high. Very few companies have a total cost of ownership (TCO) understanding and the costs continue to increase.


Build or Buy and the Challenge of DIY?

Greg McGee, Vice President of Digital Transformation Xpediant Digital.

I learned an important lesson in 2005. I was new to a digital agency and we had a great practice. It was a time when many agencies had developed their own Content Management Solutions to deliver alongside the public web work delivered. Our tool was cool – easy to use, inexpensive, and full of features.


Xpediant Modular Content Showcase and Demo

  • Multi Channel Authoring using Adobe AEM
  • Viewing and using assets from Veeva Vault in AEM
  • Use of Modular Content across channels
  • Automatically preparing & submitting MLR package
  • Workflows and notifications
  • Transforming files for published environment (CRM, CLM, other)
  • Seamless bidirectional integration