millions in savings realized


  • The Client had 5 different business units across continents with dozens of websites that were managed independently both in terms of platforms and digital asset content. Content was duplicated and not leveraged in most cases. Compliance risk was high given the regulated environment and fragmented digital content. Costs were high and the time to make changes to content was lengthy and getting longer as the complexity of website content was increasing.


  • Xpediant educated the client on the advantages of using a content management system
  • Xpediant defined the end-to-end Digital Asset Management processes to help stream line the creation to management process
  • Xpediant created an architecture framework that allowed the client to have a front end OpenText portal system, a business rules middle layer (search platform) and a back-end repository that was powered by the OpenText Web Experience Platform
  • Solution drove a much higher asset leverage and version management across platforms and business units
  • After transforming the operations, there was a cost reduction directive from management and Xpediant recommended migration to an open source software
  • The client was able to take advantage of the modular architecture built by Xpediant to extract out the expensive search, portal and experience management software, saving not only operating costs, but having a much more efficient web site management operation. Xpediant architected the new solution using Magnolia CMS, Solr search engine and micro-services.


  • New website turnaround times were improved by almost 60 percent
  • Conservative savings for each business was estimated at $500,000 per year due to efficiencies in process, leverage and management
  • The cost savings of moving away from commercial experience platforms to open source platforms saved the client over $400,000 in maintenance costs every year
  • Total savings were projected at $3M to $5M per year
  • The client also experienced a reduction in third party creative agency resources and costs, driving higher alignment, reuse and asset leverage