XPCONNECTR: up to $200K savings per site


  • The major challenge was the cost of creating new websites and visual aids. They were too slow in getting to the market for these websites, and the overall cost of Medical Legal Regulatory (MLR) reviews continued to go up. Something had to change.


  • Xpediant installed and configured the XpConnect® AEM-Veeva Connector as a Proof of Concept (POC) to demonstrate its capabilities. Xpediant worked with the clients’ U.S.-based teams and the global teams in India to install and test numerous use cases surrounding digital assets that the client uses today.
  • The Connector allows agencies to create component assets (logos, content fragments, etc.) and composite assets (webpages, brochures, Interactive Visual Aids [iVA] presentations, etc.) in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and seamlessly access digital assets from Veeva.
  • After the composite assets are created in AEM, the Connector allows the stakeholders to send all the materials to Veeva by simply running a workflow. This speeds up the entire MLR process, ensures that all assets are compliant and allows users to manage the end-to-end process without any manual intervention.


  • The client quickly realized the savings both in time and cost.
  • The plan based on the results now call for an early 2019 deployment to its global environment. Conservative estimates for savings are up to $200,000 per website per year.
  • The MLR process will be more streamlined and efficient.
  • The savings over a 3-year horizon on a conservative basis is up to 18X to 30x times the license and support costs of XpConnect®.