development and support improved by 40%+


  • The challenge was migrating a 500,000 page website from a home-grown content management system to an industry leading content management system for their industry. Due to the custom nature of the system the support and ability to change was very cumbersome taking far too much programming for basic changes.


  • Xpediant assessed the migration too market and recommended Kapow Katalyst as the migration tool of choice.
  • The website content was built over several years resulting in multiple HTML schemas, and no proper architecture. It was the classic build as you go with no core architecture defined to build around.
  • The client had a large number of systems that also consumed the content, so it was important to retain the same integration requirements.
  • Xpediant team analyzed the various HTML schemas and then build the entire migration on Kapow Katalyst over an accelerated 3-month timeframe.
  • The team also built the content types in Percussion CMS and mapped several schemas to the target CMS. This allowed the new system to be scalable and reusable.


  • The new content in the Percussion system was clean, manageable and scalable.
  • Over the years the agency spent an average of $100 per page (this included the creative design, content and technical deployment). Thus for 500,000 pages, the agency had spent tens of millions of dollars. The maintenance of this massive website was also very costly and cumbersome to maintain. There was a tremendous amount of data redundancies as well. With the new CMS system the cost of creation was reduced by more than 60%, management was more efficient and the consumption of the content was increased by over 40%.
  • The migration effort reduced the cost of building the new content manually and saved millions of dollars.