XPCONNECTR: single source of truth


  • The challenge was creating a single source of truth for the healthcare company’s digital assets, ensuring proper asset versions and deployment velocity. Assets were being created in multiple systems with redundant versions and asset usage is not consistent or compliant.
  • Costs were high and the time to make changes to Assets & Sites was taking far too long, all while not managing compliance risk well.


  • Xpediant defined their end-to-end Digital Asset Management processes.
  • The next step was installing and configuring the XpConnect® AEM-Veeva Connector that would ensure that assets were created only once and used in multiple environments. The second phase of the XpConnect® installation would include the integration of Adobe Campaign with Veeva Vault PromoMats.
  • The client has numerous systems that consume these assets, so reuse and proper asset versions usage will improve dramatically.
  • The Connector allows the client to create component assets (logos, content fragments, etc.) and composite assets (webpages, brochures, data sheets, Interactive Visual Aids, etc.) in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and then seamlessly access digital assets from Veeva.
  • After the composite assets are created in AEM, the Connector allows the stakeholders to send all the materials to Veeva by simply running a workflow. This speeds up the entire Medical Legal Regulatory (MLR) process and ensures that all assets are compliant.


  • The time savings for building websites and Interactive Visual Aids (iVAs) was improved by almost 40 percent.
  • Conservative savings for each website is nearly $200,000 and up to $150,000 per iVA presentation.
  • The savings over a 3-year horizon on a conservative basis will be between 30X to 60X the license and support costs of XpConnect®.
  • The client also experienced a reduction in third party creative agency resources and costs, driving higher alignment, reuse and asset leverage.