automated pdf generation technology reduces risk


  • Client pays creative agencies a significant amount of money per year to create PDFs for review by their project regulatory board and FDA.
  • These PDFs are labor-intensive and typically require Adobe® Photoshop® files (PSD) or mock-ups that significantly increase costs and add time to assembling the latest version.


  • Xpediant deployed its XpGenerator™ product, allowing the client to point to a website and automatically generate a PDF showing the desktop view, mobile view and the tablet view needed for reviews. The final PDF output is fully configurable and also includes cover pages with metadata that is very useful for Medical Legal Regulatory (MLR) reviews. (Metadata includes SEO tags and alt tags that MLR is required to review.)
  • This process takes minutes versus days and weeks to meticulously copy and paste screenshots into a cohesive document.


  • The time to create this PDF decreased from two weeks to five minutes, saving thousands of dollars every time the tool is used.
  • It simplified the review process of responsive websites automating 50+ percent of a pharmaceutical company's needs around MLR reviews.