AEM leveraged to drive significant efficiency improvements


  • The challenge was each product had its own branding guidelines, websites and marketing agency that was preventing assets from being shared across products. This caused unnecessary costs, more time to deploy and significant duplicative rework of assets.
  • The client needed to streamline the process of launching new products, leveraging its digital assets across the organization.


  • This global healthcare company partnered with Xpediant Digital to optimize its processes, deploy state-of-the-art tools and develop patient websites.
  • Xpediant developed patient websites for its new products, deploying and leveraging Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).
  • Xpediant implemented best-practice processes and guidelines for launching new sites.
  • Xpediant also implemented optimization and efficiency improvements.
  • Further, the client teams continued to maintain the flexibility of working with the technical and design agencies of their choice.
  • Xpediant created a set of common, core components and templates that established the base for all patient websites, while driving significant reuse (over 80 percent) and improved brand consistency.


  • Xpediant streamlined processes and implemented solutions to dramatically improve the client’s overall efficiencies from creation to usage of digital assets. Establishing a good content management system and building a solid set of scalable building blocks (components, templates and workflows) in AEM allows numerous websites to be built.
  • The client also adopted content management best practices.
  • The client benefited from enhanced guidelines for all external design agencies to maintain consistency across the enterprise.
  • The client experienced significant reductions in time and costs in creating new content and digital assets, including the reuse of digital content that was not part of the current state.
  • This global healthcare company also found value in the improved quality of its websites and brand usage as well as the assets’ consistent usage and reduced time to deploy.