XPGenerator has a high roi

Any company who has to provide printed copies or PDF’s of their entire websites to any regulatory body, internal reviews, regulators or any other company/agency/firms is a great candidate for XpGenerator.  This product supports companies that are in a regulated industry or one that has high velocity of changes in their websites where print outs or PDF’s are used for storyboarding.  

The quality and completeness of the content saves significant time and money, avoiding compliance related issues and fines.  The metadata feature is also very useful for regulators to get a full view of key words, alt-tags, etc. attached to every web page.

why choose XPGenerator

  • Significant cost reduction in support of compliance reviews or audits.
  • Ability to add cover pages with metadata that is critical for MLR reviews.
  • Able to create a pdf of a full website for compliance applications, taking minutes versus weeks of time using high cost resources.
  • Increased quality of the output: nothing will ever get missed.
  • Drastically improve regulatory and compliance risk.