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At Xpediant Digital, we build exceptional products driven by customers for customers.  Our world-class connectors and PDF generator solutions have received critical acclaim for their productivity improvements, cost saving features and market acceleration. XpConnectTM, is the world’s only, bi-directional connector between Veeva Vault and Adobe Experience Cloud.  Our XpGenerator tool is in use globally by some of the largest pharmaceutical, medical device and financial services companies, saving on average, hundreds of thousands of dollars per installation.  If you want to see the power of connected solutions, ask us about a demonstration today.

XPCONNECTTM drives lower digital asset cost through integration

Xpediant Digital’s XpConnectTM is the only bi-directional connector between Veeva Vault and Adobe Experience Cloud.  This product offers a proven, two-way connector, allowing approved content and metadata for digital assets to be accessed from one repository and published in the other.  XpConnectTM allows companies to choose a single source of truth from either platform for their DAM.

This product has an exceptional ROI based on moving to a single source digital asset management solution, with a dramatic reduction in asset creation and re-use.  This enables improved process, re-use, and leverage of all digital assets.  There are additional authoring and DAM system connectors being developed and will be available in 2019.  

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XPGenerator reduces compliance risk

Automatically create PDFs of responsive design websites in preparation for your medical, legal and regulatory (MLR) review process. This process can take many weeks using an agency, driving up costs and increasing risk of passing these critical reviews.  

Xpediant’s XpGenerator, is an innovative add-on to content management systems like Adobe AEM to quickly and easily create accurate PDFs of responsive designed websites for MLR reviews, reducing the potential for significant fines due to errors in submission. Any regulated industry that has these types of compliance reports can benefit from this product.